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Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Time For Africa

The complementary blends of orange and blue hues like stars and diamonds up above.
then you have a winner
coming with its pair-a defeat.
but the team unity of the germans, third place in rank, are winners in my heart. i see you Manuel Neuer.

Nothing can be compared to the atmosphere at the world cup. At the shower, i close my eyes and let the water knead into my forehead, droning all, i can hear the faint call of the vuvuzelas. sounding more like mosquitoes and flies doing busy footwork. I have never appreciated football anymore than right now, right here. Brazil 2014, here i come.
now in spirit of FIFA, incase you are sick of K'NAan's Waving Flag, i am obsessed with Shakira's new song, which they play before mid and after every game.

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