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Monday, July 26, 2010

Blogging from Vancouver BC

I miss my easel, my paintbrushes. they are usually in reach right next to my bed. This is because i always wake up with a newly lit lightbulb, sometimes, even in the middle of the night. and it's just most convenient that way. but this hotel bed is getting a little too big too tidy and too empty. So in order that i keep my ideas fresh, i've been catching and reading other blogs etc. and i found ALMOST EVERYTHING HAS ONE! i hope these will inspire a thought.

1.rubber stamping with powdered sugar, perfect for themed dinners and fantasy weddings
This hostess and maid of honor tried something different with the Peacock Rubber Stamp-by using food coloring and powdered sugar creating an elegant and edible glass plate design.
mix the correct ratio of powdered sugar and food coloring to get a light-dense paste. works on cakes &cupcake wrappers too

//credits to papersource blog

2.polyvore, great for fashion advice and outfit brainstorming; interior designs too
here are a few sets i've created so far using key pieces i own and decorating around it. one convenient thing is it directly links you to online shopping sites. it's super addicting so be careful
Alice in Wonderland
Sailing North
//credits: polyvore.com
additional to this, keep a fashion police scrapbook, i know i do!

3. colorful papers &glitter. just enough for scrapbooking. i visited michael's today and almost died amazed at how much stuff they have in there. don't get me wrong, ive been there a million times before, but each visit is like a new one. the things in there don't change much, but i think i do. i don't remember how much i spent on crafts but it was a fortune. my sister had to push me out of the door &take a couple things out of my basket, "you don't need that", of course i do.

//credits: scrapbook ideas.com

i've also added a couple sitelinks i love on the right column including Gateaux et Chateux, Fashion by He &Urban Outfitters.


  1. I definitely need to go on Polyvore more often.... I never even realized you could do that with rubber stamps and what amazing sketches!! Wish I had that talent... lovely post Vickie :)



  2. polyvore is awesome and great blog! i hope you're enjoyin vancouver, bc (thats where i am from) lol.