Hong Kong Garden

Monday, August 16, 2010

Prince Charmings &White Horses

Not everyone has a fairytale ending; im seeing it everyday. The young girl comes in first. Then, he comes without his marriage ring. They talk for a little less than an hour until the buffet last-call. Then she leaves with a room key under her faux-fur coat, who knows what else lies under it. He uses the bathroom, maybe at this point he would feel guilty, but no, he leaves after adjusting his tie in the mirror. pays the bill, leaves me a tip before he goes up the elevator.
There are some young girls that come in, married to big fat rich men; for what but a life of luxury. who is to blame but silly taylor swift? Romeos aren't just everywhere. But there are, indeed, some lucky juliets &ihope i will be one of them few.

Congratulations Leslie & Justin, Happy Engagement!

Photography by Daniela Degrassi. She takes adorable photos, capturing love at its most innocent. She snapped a few photos of my extended family and myself early june in sunny palo alto park. i especially love the one of me lifting up my two pretty sisters.
Currently i am working on a diptych for some lovelies i miss. don't forget to return to Hong Kong Garden next week!

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