Hong Kong Garden

Vickie's Day

8:00 Breakfast Diary with theBerry's Daily Morning Coffee

9:00 At work; Honestly...WTF, i want to get back in bed
10:00 Daydreaming about Gateau et Chateaux, Cakes and Castles
11:00 ALERT out of yellow post-its, out of paper source! I dislike.

12:00 lunch break at SoHo in my UrbanOutfit. I love to be at City's Central.
13:00 using my Groupon coupon 
14:00 sketch in my little black book, oh Tatler!
15:00 What's new in the fashion world today, Elle

16:00 Shop till i rob Shopbop
17:00 what time is it, i wonder if xiaxue got more plastic?
18:00 The Decorista goes home for a domestic dose
19:00 Dressed pretty for dinner and everything fabulous

20:00 at my hub being a Sassy Hong Kong girl
21:00 Cocktails by the hour, oh mr, Play me Im Yours
21:30 enjoying small talk and Fast Company; Check! Next!
22:00 A Fashion Toast to Champagne, wait is it the other way around?

22:30 Did someone say Bryan Boy is here?
23:00 Sister Gossip: Lacienaga Proud
00:00 Scribble in Diary, Post Secret
00:30 Midnight stroll down Iceland streets on Google Earth. Where should i go tomorrow, why not hungary?

01:00 Dear Photograph, a trip down memory lane before bed time.
01:15 Sleeping cupid playlist or Pandora when im un-restricted