Hong Kong Garden

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seeing Old Friends

You never realize how much you've miss them until you see them. This past weekend, I got to see two old friends from high school.

Mormina and Ruwe, Spring 2009, in Acrylics

And you'll always wish that they'd stay just a little longer.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


(top: Mark Appel 26, Summer 2010, in Acrylics
bottom: Stephen Piscotty 25, Summer 2010, in Acrylics)

To them, baseball is a base of their lifestyle. a solid passion.

To me, the word "baseball" makes me think of something other than the sport. "A girl" i know, she has this game called "baseball". Whenever she farts, she calls "baseball". And everyone around her has to immediately shout out a base, "first base, second base or third base", whoever doesn't call a base gets a whiff of her fart. she cups it in her hand, airballs it, and basically bats it straight to their nose. okay, very unnecessary, but thought i'd share.