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Monday, July 26, 2010

Blogging from Vancouver BC

I miss my easel, my paintbrushes. they are usually in reach right next to my bed. This is because i always wake up with a newly lit lightbulb, sometimes, even in the middle of the night. and it's just most convenient that way. but this hotel bed is getting a little too big too tidy and too empty. So in order that i keep my ideas fresh, i've been catching and reading other blogs etc. and i found ALMOST EVERYTHING HAS ONE! i hope these will inspire a thought.

1.rubber stamping with powdered sugar, perfect for themed dinners and fantasy weddings
This hostess and maid of honor tried something different with the Peacock Rubber Stamp-by using food coloring and powdered sugar creating an elegant and edible glass plate design.
mix the correct ratio of powdered sugar and food coloring to get a light-dense paste. works on cakes &cupcake wrappers too

//credits to papersource blog

2.polyvore, great for fashion advice and outfit brainstorming; interior designs too
here are a few sets i've created so far using key pieces i own and decorating around it. one convenient thing is it directly links you to online shopping sites. it's super addicting so be careful
Alice in Wonderland
Sailing North
//credits: polyvore.com
additional to this, keep a fashion police scrapbook, i know i do!

3. colorful papers &glitter. just enough for scrapbooking. i visited michael's today and almost died amazed at how much stuff they have in there. don't get me wrong, ive been there a million times before, but each visit is like a new one. the things in there don't change much, but i think i do. i don't remember how much i spent on crafts but it was a fortune. my sister had to push me out of the door &take a couple things out of my basket, "you don't need that", of course i do.

//credits: scrapbook ideas.com

i've also added a couple sitelinks i love on the right column including Gateaux et Chateux, Fashion by He &Urban Outfitters.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Saudi Eyes

Shelina Kassam 2010 in Acrylics

Another stunning girl in pretty fabrics.

I have never met anyone more supporting than Shelina. I met her in her tomboy phase sophomore year. Sporty, short haired girl wearing a grey hoodie. She was new and i needed a friend for a change... of scene at Hotchkiss. who knew this girl would slam me off my feet into a grander world of more lively, more excitement, more social and fun extremes. If only saudi arabia would let me in, i would be glued to her like a rock.Though many years have and will pass, i won't let you slip away even if time does. we've been through such rough times together, like kliza's ap chem (those negative motivation worksheets were a killah), boyfriend girlfriend dramas, family problems and many more. all i can think about is thanksgiving when i get to frolic sillily with you at chicagoan beaches. as soon as we manage, i can't wait to hear about your summer adventures and precious memories in DR

Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Time For Africa

The complementary blends of orange and blue hues like stars and diamonds up above.
then you have a winner
coming with its pair-a defeat.
but the team unity of the germans, third place in rank, are winners in my heart. i see you Manuel Neuer.

Nothing can be compared to the atmosphere at the world cup. At the shower, i close my eyes and let the water knead into my forehead, droning all, i can hear the faint call of the vuvuzelas. sounding more like mosquitoes and flies doing busy footwork. I have never appreciated football anymore than right now, right here. Brazil 2014, here i come.
now in spirit of FIFA, incase you are sick of K'NAan's Waving Flag, i am obsessed with Shakira's new song, which they play before mid and after every game.

PS. I hope this new layout rocks your socks.
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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mon Amour

Because i can't wait to see you, i painted you.
Marcheta Kay Marshall, Summer 2010

i hope you're having a fabulous summer in Washington with chip and indulging yourself in heavenly things like foreign weddings. can't wait to see you pretty face in hong kong, roomie! je te verrai en Septembre! je t'aime.

l'été Projets
while listening to harry potter tapes, starting from the 6th to the 7th and then will go back to the 3rd and 4th. i've been busying myself with quality me time, painting, glueing and doing whatever that inspires me. designing my own set of clothing line, cutting up old clothes and re-sewing them together, bring back the eco-fashion. and finally BEDAZZLING anything everything.

I was shopping at lane crawford with my younger sister and one of their jewelry displays caught my eye a pearl necklace by some highend brand with designs and patterns painted on it. i thought why not do it by myself. then the more things i saw the more these crazy ideas came into my head. so my room became a workshop.
i bought a 2 dollar pearl necklace in the market, painted delicate roses on it outlined with sharpie and made it into something quite glamourous.

i have many more images to show. but until the next time.
and in case you didn't know how much i love champagne, i bought a stool today to show you.

now a toast to happiness and germany?