Hong Kong Garden

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chun 春

Summer time is nice and hot, now my life is sweet like vanilla is. Seasons have changed twice since i last wrote; from a Parisian winter to a cali spring to summer in hong-kong; now i write from bed number 3.

If only i was stuck on an airplane between time zones between places i need to go, i would sit and mold and won't even feel the slightest guilt about laying there doing nothing. 

someone says there's always a season in life to do a certain thing, but i've always wanted to do two, three, four things at once. Possible or impossible. people say i am still young, but i feel like there's no more time. change or don't change. I’m not sure yet at this point.

The ride home marks a new season for me and the ride back is also a different one. Each debark is a new start and a clean slate to do what you’ve thought about for the last 16 so hours. As if you were to combine a dozen of Mondays to mark a new change. I’ve got about a month left until I take my next one and I’ve already got a long list of changes. Tiring? Yes, and very necessary to breakdown and re-adjust myself like play-doh.

I’m running out of planes to catch. School’s almost over and soon everything will be settled. And seasons will blend, changes harder to make.

春 means summer. 春 means youth.

Apologies for the long delay. I finally completed the painting for the beloved Chun Family: Judith, Tom and Punky based on an old family portrait, amazing how baby punky chun got her sass on.

Chun Family Portrait in Acrylics Aug 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012


Chung, 2012 in Acrylics

i have a pretty good lookin' brother <3 Miss you bro
中:“Oh i checked it out on fb. Lol. i can tell it is me. but i expected a different drawing’

V: “haha just by your eye! ANGEL EYES. doesn't look like you now though. The picture was from the cruise…when you didn't play computer”

中:“my angel eyes are long gone”

Monday, January 23, 2012


il a été depuis longtemps. It has been a while. I was struck by great discouragement in the last few months and thus wasn't able to complete a single painting. But in the hustle and bustle of paris, treading on the same pavements that all impressionists once stood upon, i found my little place at the l'ecole art plastiques tucked away on a side street in the 10th arr. I began working on the first portrait of yr 2012, my brother. it is far from being finished but i thought i might give you all a little preview. Happy chinese new year, 萬事如意。