Hong Kong Garden

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chun 春

Summer time is nice and hot, now my life is sweet like vanilla is. Seasons have changed twice since i last wrote; from a Parisian winter to a cali spring to summer in hong-kong; now i write from bed number 3.

If only i was stuck on an airplane between time zones between places i need to go, i would sit and mold and won't even feel the slightest guilt about laying there doing nothing. 

someone says there's always a season in life to do a certain thing, but i've always wanted to do two, three, four things at once. Possible or impossible. people say i am still young, but i feel like there's no more time. change or don't change. I’m not sure yet at this point.

The ride home marks a new season for me and the ride back is also a different one. Each debark is a new start and a clean slate to do what you’ve thought about for the last 16 so hours. As if you were to combine a dozen of Mondays to mark a new change. I’ve got about a month left until I take my next one and I’ve already got a long list of changes. Tiring? Yes, and very necessary to breakdown and re-adjust myself like play-doh.

I’m running out of planes to catch. School’s almost over and soon everything will be settled. And seasons will blend, changes harder to make.

春 means summer. 春 means youth.

Apologies for the long delay. I finally completed the painting for the beloved Chun Family: Judith, Tom and Punky based on an old family portrait, amazing how baby punky chun got her sass on.

Chun Family Portrait in Acrylics Aug 2012