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Monday, May 31, 2010

Métaphysique d’éphemera

by Elisabeth Ward and Vickie Li

In our senior spring quarter, Eli and I decided to take on an "on-campus project" which replaced one of our classes (for me it was higher mathematics) Here was our proposal:
During our time at Hotchkiss, we have been exposed to a plethora of knowledge, obtained through lectures, exhibitions, concerts, field trips, and, of course, our class time. However, while we have eagerly absorbed the information presented to us, each subject at Hotchkiss, with the exception of American Studies, was largely separate from the other courses at hand. For younger students, the curriculum is already changing. Hotchkiss has adopted a new humanities program “designed for students who enjoy discovering the connections among disciplines that deepen learning.” As we embark on our final semester, each day is embedded with a routine similar to that in which we have lived the past four years. We want to conclude our Hotchkiss career with a more climactic finale; we are now impelled to take the next step in our education.

Through independent work, we want to discover the value of interdisciplinary learning. By integrating information and concepts gathered from courses in History, English, and the Sciences, we want to compose a series of sculptural works to display throughout main building. Artists such as Joseph Cornell, Robert Rauschenberg, Sarah Sze, and Joseph Beuys have inspired us through their non-conventional work, infused by the cultural context from which they were born. Their unique projects are assemblies of everyday objects, collected from their possessions, thrift stores, garage sales, and found objects. Each design is arranged in an interesting or provocative manner, yet the purpose isn’t merely aesthetic. The concept underlying the work is palpable through the artists’ choices of materials, composition, juxtaposition, structure, and lighting...

Cornell Boxes Inspired by Joseph Cornell's Box Collections
Using found materials, we each made 2 boxes. Then we both started 1 box but finished each others without discussion.

Silence is Golden by Elisabeth Ward
A picture is worth a thousand words by Elisabeth Ward
Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil by Vickie Li
Ode to a Tea Box by Vickie Li

Collaboration Works
Caged Bird by Vickie Li and Elisabeth Ward
The World Unwound by Elisabeth Ward and Vickie Li
Final Output

An artist who works with found materials is frequently described as making something out of nothing. I rolled around the orange peel, now dried and stiff against my palm. Who knew literal things could create such a subtle and an elaborative form of “magic”? I sprayed it with gold paint providing the “forgotten” material with a new reason for being.

by transforming everyday materials and discarded goods into the building block, other work, we found value in ruin

Cigar boxes, courtesy of my father's friend.

Art Installation Piece
here gathering ideas at a local visit to Artist, Joel Schapira

Took a trip into New York City and finally got to meet my first cousin & her daughter for the very first time, artist Sarah Sze, she is amazing amazing amazing. Currently, she is a professor at Columbia University, her artworks have been displayed at MoMa, NYC Central Park, and museums around the world!!

here are some works by her:
Her latest work: portable planetarium, exhibited in Lyon, France 2009

A closer look
Made with toothpicks, tape, ordinary daily objects! Stunning!

Things Fall Apart is absolutely my favourite one. This one was displayed at the MoMA in San Francisco California,

Inside the Jeep:
Please visit her website, it's mind-blowing! : http://www.sarahsze.com/

So here is what Elisabeth and My Final product was:
The Imperfect is Our Paradise

And so many thanks to our super super cool art supervisor: Terri Moore!!
I did find her blog online, she hasn't been blogging recently, but do look at her artworks! i never had her as an art teacher, although Elisabeth did! She was the best, the nicest teacher ever! I picked up a lot of fresh new ideas from her and I was really glad we picked her to supervise us! Thanks for everything you did for us; I'm also really sorry about the hole in your thumb; and i wear the necklace you gave elisabeth and me, all the time!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Dormitory

Elisabeth Ward

"I don't know how i got so lucky freshman year,I mean, just think of all the odd roommate pairs there were, yet somehow, i got "stuck" with you! How often does that happen? When your roommate from freshman year stays one of your BEST friends ALL FOUR YEARS? Like I said, i don't know how i got so lucky...You've really kept me going at Hotchkiss through the worst of times. We may have run through some rough patches (Squishing greg?. I still cry about it on the inside), but true friends can always move on just like we have. I love you to death eilsabeth ward. from our bra-jean whips and printer fights to light saber attacks and double dates to midnight spooning. You were such a big part of it all."
I hope you're having an experience of a lifetime at Brown; Say hi to teddy and your parents for me, i can't wait to see you this thanksgiving in Winnetka!
ElisabethWard, Fall 2007 in Acrylics

The first time I met Nicole, my roommate, is emblazoned in my memory. I was in the process of putting my jeans on when she first stepped into our shared room. In embarrassment, I dove into my closet. It must have been a genuine icebreaker because after our long fits of laughter, we treated each other with such great respect and openness. Sophomore year would not have been the same without you nicole pascoe. I hope georgetown is treating you well, i'll see you in new york soon!

Nicole Pascoe

Having moved in a week before NSO (new student orientation) for ISO, i was already settled down in my over-decorated corner. Natalie, her father and her tennis coach came in. Not knowing who exactly these men were, i was excited to assume that she had gay parents. but sadly, her mom walked in after a couple minutes. Then after her parents and coach left. The first question natalie asked me was "do you party?". You are really one of a kind natalie dillon. i am going to miss our late night heart to hearts, mark stories, ringo sleepovers, jamba juice obsessions, post-it weekly goals, "what am i gonna do with my life?" moments and many more... next year you'll be seeing me every day.

Natalie Dillon
& did i mention she's a NCAA 2010 Stanford W-Tennis Champ?

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Hong Kong,

My City of Lights

I felt earth escape me as the weight of my dog sunk upon my mattress. This unusual wakeup call forced me from my sleep as I then realized that a typhoon had hit Hong Kong. As I lengthened my spine, I alternated from a state of fear to reassurance, retreating into a moment of gratitude—another family day.

Hong Kong at Sunset, Spring 2008 Acrylic Paint
3 sisters, Spring 2009 Watercolor
Chung and Zero, Spring 2008 Acrylic and Oil Block Print
Grandmother & Hollywood. winter 2007 Acrylic

I am lucky to be born into this family and extremely fortunate to have two sisters and a brother. The four of us can joke when we refer to each other in terms of our silly animal resemblances. I am the pig, not the most flattering animal likeness but it well-describes my flat nose. Nevertheless this deprecation serves to give us a good laugh. Open criticism of each other is presented in such playful tones that we never stay mad at each other tomorrow. In this way, my family has always strengthened my confidence and nourished my soul.

So on that windy day, I suggested hosting a "best-dish competition". Perhaps it is not unusual to others, but my family is devoted to their own busy schedules. I have never seen our kitchen this crowded. Six of my family members crammed into a space generally suited to accommodate our one cook. Perhaps the funniest moment of this culinary extravaganza was not my dad in an apron, but my mom hesitant to drop the chicken into the pool of boiling oil. That day marked the first time we made dinner together.

Hong Kong at the Symphony of Lights every night at 9pm

Note to Readers: Dear Friends and Family! Thanks for your support in reading my blog, i hope you all enjoyed looking at my artwork. Just recently, one of my wonderful friends (my future roommate) Marcheta Marshall send me a link to her new blog, Gateau et Chateaux, and i thought, why not started re-blogging my old artblog, vliart? For new readers out there, pi beta babies or old friends, don't forget to add yourself as a follower if you have a yahoo or gmail acct! It would be nice for me to know that you're reading it! (which is also the reason why i stopped blogging the first time, i believed the only person reading it was myself, sad sad story)
Just a word: all the artworks posted are painted or drawn personally. If you have any questions about specific pieces, don't forget to comment and i'll respond to you! The writings are also personally written (most of them were on my college supplements, well they come into good use don't they) I frequently find myself copy and pasting them into applications or if not, translating them into my french essay assignments! Love Vickie

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fair Hotchkiss

Quadtych in Watercolor, Hotchkiss, 2008

At home in Hong Kong, I am not aware of the sun. There are times when I cannot even see the sun if I wanted to. I live in a city where skyscrapers fill the sky and smog fills the air. Perhaps one could say the sun is always in the bright city lights, the wind in the air conditioning, and the leaves consist of the plants on my desk. I was never really exposed to the out of doors until I went abroad. Four years ago, my love of exploration brought me to Hotchkiss where I am surrounded with breathtaking sunsets and hushed ripples on the lake. Here, I watch the transition of each season—the red leaves piling and falling off their branches, the first frost, and the first green. Stars witness me tread upon a frozen lake, read on a willow and scream at late night pep-rally bonfires. But when I am engaged by work, I, like many others, forget nature’s magnificence.

Every Tuesday, my extended English class allows us to engage in a walk in the woods. Although our journey is devoid of teaching criteria, we leave with more radiant and reflective minds than any homework assignment would offer. Questions are not asked neither are answers given. It is merely the presence of nature that sustains our growth in learning. We were inspired poets captured by this timberland where too many definitions are left to define. Within these limited hours, we may gather inside the Ranger Cabin and share our written poetry. Someday, we keep walking, and on others, we sit still and listen. Years ago, I may not have understood what brought us here and would most likely take this opportunity to be inactive. However, now knowing that my experience would not be the same in years to come, I captured every detail of it. Nature permits us to escape our born identities, it refreshes and renews us. Theirs maybe a good night sleep or long hot shower, mine is this wilderness. This green grants me life and beautifies everything around me.

We have lived on such beautiful lands since birth, that we become accustomed to it. Indeed, it is a scarce resource and I have learnt to cherish it after eighteen years. Perhaps everyone should wander into the woods just to be lost within its nature because only then would we truly appreciate its luxurious treasures. I breathe it.

Hotchkiss at spring, spring 2006
Hotchkiss at winter, winter 2009
(artwork auctioned for WISER group)
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One of a Kind

Cameron Hough, winter 2007
This piece was another inspired piece by Martin Mull's collection.
The monochromatic background is a photo taken by a good friend who captured perfectly Hotchkiss' forests at its first snow.
(In photo: Cameron Hough; Rachel Schroeder)

Cameron Hough from New York was one of my true girlfriends throughout Hotchkiss. She's a wonderful, sweet girl. Although, i must say, i extracted some of her bluntness into mine. She would tell me if i looked awful in my morning mess or she'd point out my bad hair days. She also had a huge problem with feet, feet without socks, feet on her bed. But, of course, i never followed her rules about them. Currently, she's studying at Princeton University, having the time of her life with the grade-deflating curve. (she has the original artwork, hopefully it would be hanging when i visit her)

Rachel Schroeder, Fall 2007
Black and White study in Acrylics. This was probably one of my very first artworks-portraits. I love the strong lighting on her face and the overall graphic touch on her J-crew knit sweater. This photo was taken in my room in Buehler 209. At that time Rachel lived upstairs. I asked her to sit down on my chair and pose for me while i sketched her out in real-life, in Blind contour. For those who are not familiar with blind-contour drawings, they are drawings drawn in a manner, so that the result is Distortion. Your eyes are focused on the subject and your pencil is glued to the canvas. You are not allowed to look at what your drawing. It's a great exercise as your wrist tries to catch up with your eye movements.

Rachel Schroeder is one of the coolest, down-to-earth, silent (secretly bad-ass) rebels. I still remember myself cringing while i watch her get a tattoo (which she designed herself, a traveler's stamp) over Long Winter Weekend NYC 2008. I met her sophomore year through one of my besties Shelina Kassam, who was her roommate at that time. I practically slept in her bed everyday, watching the latest youtube videos. "Can i get yo numba?" I soon met her mom, wendy, who is extremely nice. For our 3rds Lax girls, she'd make us delicious yumyums fresh-cut oranges still cold, nomnomnom. Rachel was an amazing laxer, but unfortunately, she injured her knee that season, but, she became our assistant coach! i would not have survived a season without her. Right now, she's at George Washington University. amazing amazing talented girl, you should hear her recite a poem, which she wrote her senior year named "Biracial Rachel". Strongly independent and she damn-well knows where she's from and what she can do. oh also, she loves the chase too. And here's something i stole off her profile pictures. (she also has the original painting with her)