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Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Dormitory

Elisabeth Ward

"I don't know how i got so lucky freshman year,I mean, just think of all the odd roommate pairs there were, yet somehow, i got "stuck" with you! How often does that happen? When your roommate from freshman year stays one of your BEST friends ALL FOUR YEARS? Like I said, i don't know how i got so lucky...You've really kept me going at Hotchkiss through the worst of times. We may have run through some rough patches (Squishing greg?. I still cry about it on the inside), but true friends can always move on just like we have. I love you to death eilsabeth ward. from our bra-jean whips and printer fights to light saber attacks and double dates to midnight spooning. You were such a big part of it all."
I hope you're having an experience of a lifetime at Brown; Say hi to teddy and your parents for me, i can't wait to see you this thanksgiving in Winnetka!
ElisabethWard, Fall 2007 in Acrylics

The first time I met Nicole, my roommate, is emblazoned in my memory. I was in the process of putting my jeans on when she first stepped into our shared room. In embarrassment, I dove into my closet. It must have been a genuine icebreaker because after our long fits of laughter, we treated each other with such great respect and openness. Sophomore year would not have been the same without you nicole pascoe. I hope georgetown is treating you well, i'll see you in new york soon!

Nicole Pascoe

Having moved in a week before NSO (new student orientation) for ISO, i was already settled down in my over-decorated corner. Natalie, her father and her tennis coach came in. Not knowing who exactly these men were, i was excited to assume that she had gay parents. but sadly, her mom walked in after a couple minutes. Then after her parents and coach left. The first question natalie asked me was "do you party?". You are really one of a kind natalie dillon. i am going to miss our late night heart to hearts, mark stories, ringo sleepovers, jamba juice obsessions, post-it weekly goals, "what am i gonna do with my life?" moments and many more... next year you'll be seeing me every day.

Natalie Dillon
& did i mention she's a NCAA 2010 Stanford W-Tennis Champ?

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