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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hong Kong,

My City of Lights

I felt earth escape me as the weight of my dog sunk upon my mattress. This unusual wakeup call forced me from my sleep as I then realized that a typhoon had hit Hong Kong. As I lengthened my spine, I alternated from a state of fear to reassurance, retreating into a moment of gratitude—another family day.

Hong Kong at Sunset, Spring 2008 Acrylic Paint
3 sisters, Spring 2009 Watercolor
Chung and Zero, Spring 2008 Acrylic and Oil Block Print
Grandmother & Hollywood. winter 2007 Acrylic

I am lucky to be born into this family and extremely fortunate to have two sisters and a brother. The four of us can joke when we refer to each other in terms of our silly animal resemblances. I am the pig, not the most flattering animal likeness but it well-describes my flat nose. Nevertheless this deprecation serves to give us a good laugh. Open criticism of each other is presented in such playful tones that we never stay mad at each other tomorrow. In this way, my family has always strengthened my confidence and nourished my soul.

So on that windy day, I suggested hosting a "best-dish competition". Perhaps it is not unusual to others, but my family is devoted to their own busy schedules. I have never seen our kitchen this crowded. Six of my family members crammed into a space generally suited to accommodate our one cook. Perhaps the funniest moment of this culinary extravaganza was not my dad in an apron, but my mom hesitant to drop the chicken into the pool of boiling oil. That day marked the first time we made dinner together.

Hong Kong at the Symphony of Lights every night at 9pm

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Just a word: all the artworks posted are painted or drawn personally. If you have any questions about specific pieces, don't forget to comment and i'll respond to you! The writings are also personally written (most of them were on my college supplements, well they come into good use don't they) I frequently find myself copy and pasting them into applications or if not, translating them into my french essay assignments! Love Vickie

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  1. Wow! These are really good Vickie! Maybe we can hire you for a painting in our new house!