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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good Girls Gone BIZ

I found out about this little snazzy trick to paperclips. Being the only intern along with 9/10 boys, really makes me love the color pink.

Besides the many things i am exposed to here, at the bank, i learned aboutRoutine. Everyday is the same one.
The excitement apparently are rising decimal points 0.00. I never considered IB, my dream-to-be, and this internship has reconfirmed that it will not be. But this summer, i am definitely more informed and knowledgable about the stock market than ever. ready to invest!

I can probably call Stanford Women in Business (SWIB) my "thing" at stanford. Next year, it will be my third year on board. As the spring conference director, and past marketing director, hey stanny, there will many new things to look forward to!
Over my years at SWIB, we have grown into a on-campus household name. Each year, we host about 25 workshops, 2 conferences, spring internships, a mentorship program, and a stock exchange competition. Of course, we also have our own philanthropy, socials, and formals. It is not just about business exposure that i love, but inspiration! The girls in SWIB are brilliant, smart, and successful;

here are a few business cards, my team and i made to spread the word about swib;

Check out our swib website at http://swib.stanford.edu/
And our swib blog: http://swib.stanford.edu/blog/

I managed to squeeze in some time for art work, art from work.
OMF@, Graphic Art, Summer 2011.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Plans, Sections and Elevations

(Image Courtesy Sarah Lai)
I was born into a life set in complicated sections and big plans. With this secure base, i am expected to elevate from there, like my parents and their parents. Although some may let others build their foundations and exteriors for them, they are lacking one thing -stability. A building needs its own support system, but nevertheless, it must stand on its own core. So, here, i aspire to become my own architect and my own developer.

well first, it begins with a sketch. a plan of some kind. and then you move on to another. small, tiny steps. eventually you get there after the sweat and hard work.

"You have been asked to design a small non-denominational chapel.
The program is as follows:
Chapel 900 SF+/-
Small Foyer 200 SF +/-
Meeting Room 200 SF +/-
Office 100 SF +/-
Restrooms 120 SF +/-
The site is generally near the mausoleum on campus - but must be specifically selected by you. (The actual site must be west of an imaginary line that would be the extension of Lomita.)
The Chapel is a place for one to reflect and does not hold to any particular religion. "

it is odd to say, but nevertheless true, architects hold all the power. Most of the rules of conduct, which govern our actions unconsciously arise out of the architect’s design of space. In other words, if i were to build a tiny room with no windows and place you in it, you would feel uneasy, contained, trapped and vice versa. Everyday, you make decisions based on the design. A window in the ceiling forces you to look upwards and openings in the ground make you look downwards. you have to take the stairs because the elevator is blocked off by a wall. now, won't you agree with me?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Year of the Horse 1990

(Top: Power Drifter in acrylic gems and paint)
(Bottom: Power Drifter drives in firstplace on 24.11.2010)

The weekly excitement amongst us, hong kongers, are the horse races. every other wednesday or saturday, we find ourselves engaged at the courses, betting savings over a delicious brunch.

catfight spotlight? A picture is awarded to the winning horse, its owner, family &friends. Apparently, men fight over these pictures like gossip girls. They *the cropped out* slide their way in, no matter how slim the connections are, only, only to get their faces in the monthly photo issue. because the picture means everything, especially to these men. Oh Popularity.
marcheta & i at the races, summer 2010

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


life gives you text and imagery. it is only fair that you carry a journal to keepsake them.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Little Things

to be continued...