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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good Girls Gone BIZ

I found out about this little snazzy trick to paperclips. Being the only intern along with 9/10 boys, really makes me love the color pink.

Besides the many things i am exposed to here, at the bank, i learned aboutRoutine. Everyday is the same one.
The excitement apparently are rising decimal points 0.00. I never considered IB, my dream-to-be, and this internship has reconfirmed that it will not be. But this summer, i am definitely more informed and knowledgable about the stock market than ever. ready to invest!

I can probably call Stanford Women in Business (SWIB) my "thing" at stanford. Next year, it will be my third year on board. As the spring conference director, and past marketing director, hey stanny, there will many new things to look forward to!
Over my years at SWIB, we have grown into a on-campus household name. Each year, we host about 25 workshops, 2 conferences, spring internships, a mentorship program, and a stock exchange competition. Of course, we also have our own philanthropy, socials, and formals. It is not just about business exposure that i love, but inspiration! The girls in SWIB are brilliant, smart, and successful;

here are a few business cards, my team and i made to spread the word about swib;

Check out our swib website at http://swib.stanford.edu/
And our swib blog: http://swib.stanford.edu/blog/

I managed to squeeze in some time for art work, art from work.
OMF@, Graphic Art, Summer 2011.

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