Hong Kong Garden

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oli, my royal highness

(Above: Oli in Acrylic Gems and Paint, Summer 2011)

No other dog is as adorbs as my dear Oli, my little toy poodle. I swear. Around four winters ago, we boarded a plane to tokyo and came home unexpectedly with this baby boy. 
Going along with the themed pet portraits, starting with dad's horse powerdrifter portrait, i have now added another! and there will be more to come! 
This one is inspired by the one and only, FS Home Collections from the Netherlands. They make the most exquisite pillow and throws! &If you have seen my bed, in hong kong or california, you would have noticed the exploding nest of pillows i collect.

Happy Red, White and Blue!


  1. Oh my god! your dog is so cute!

  2. thanks for the sweet comment and suggestion! i'll definitely think about doing a post on work wear! ;)