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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One of a Kind

Cameron Hough, winter 2007
This piece was another inspired piece by Martin Mull's collection.
The monochromatic background is a photo taken by a good friend who captured perfectly Hotchkiss' forests at its first snow.
(In photo: Cameron Hough; Rachel Schroeder)

Cameron Hough from New York was one of my true girlfriends throughout Hotchkiss. She's a wonderful, sweet girl. Although, i must say, i extracted some of her bluntness into mine. She would tell me if i looked awful in my morning mess or she'd point out my bad hair days. She also had a huge problem with feet, feet without socks, feet on her bed. But, of course, i never followed her rules about them. Currently, she's studying at Princeton University, having the time of her life with the grade-deflating curve. (she has the original artwork, hopefully it would be hanging when i visit her)

Rachel Schroeder, Fall 2007
Black and White study in Acrylics. This was probably one of my very first artworks-portraits. I love the strong lighting on her face and the overall graphic touch on her J-crew knit sweater. This photo was taken in my room in Buehler 209. At that time Rachel lived upstairs. I asked her to sit down on my chair and pose for me while i sketched her out in real-life, in Blind contour. For those who are not familiar with blind-contour drawings, they are drawings drawn in a manner, so that the result is Distortion. Your eyes are focused on the subject and your pencil is glued to the canvas. You are not allowed to look at what your drawing. It's a great exercise as your wrist tries to catch up with your eye movements.

Rachel Schroeder is one of the coolest, down-to-earth, silent (secretly bad-ass) rebels. I still remember myself cringing while i watch her get a tattoo (which she designed herself, a traveler's stamp) over Long Winter Weekend NYC 2008. I met her sophomore year through one of my besties Shelina Kassam, who was her roommate at that time. I practically slept in her bed everyday, watching the latest youtube videos. "Can i get yo numba?" I soon met her mom, wendy, who is extremely nice. For our 3rds Lax girls, she'd make us delicious yumyums fresh-cut oranges still cold, nomnomnom. Rachel was an amazing laxer, but unfortunately, she injured her knee that season, but, she became our assistant coach! i would not have survived a season without her. Right now, she's at George Washington University. amazing amazing talented girl, you should hear her recite a poem, which she wrote her senior year named "Biracial Rachel". Strongly independent and she damn-well knows where she's from and what she can do. oh also, she loves the chase too. And here's something i stole off her profile pictures. (she also has the original painting with her)

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