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Monday, July 19, 2010

Saudi Eyes

Shelina Kassam 2010 in Acrylics

Another stunning girl in pretty fabrics.

I have never met anyone more supporting than Shelina. I met her in her tomboy phase sophomore year. Sporty, short haired girl wearing a grey hoodie. She was new and i needed a friend for a change... of scene at Hotchkiss. who knew this girl would slam me off my feet into a grander world of more lively, more excitement, more social and fun extremes. If only saudi arabia would let me in, i would be glued to her like a rock.Though many years have and will pass, i won't let you slip away even if time does. we've been through such rough times together, like kliza's ap chem (those negative motivation worksheets were a killah), boyfriend girlfriend dramas, family problems and many more. all i can think about is thanksgiving when i get to frolic sillily with you at chicagoan beaches. as soon as we manage, i can't wait to hear about your summer adventures and precious memories in DR

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  1. This is so sweet and a really fresh painting. i like your series of girls in pretty fabrica