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Friday, August 6, 2010

A Soul-searching Summer

Angels on my guitar Summer 2010, Acrylics and Gloss Varnish

Summer2010 is a special one to me. Growing up is bittersweet, as soon as you realize, summer does not exist for you anymore. The job, the bills, &maybe even the lucky kids one day. For me, I did all that i loved and needed for weeks and days, removing any obligations or worries in my way. Then, going down the list of neverending to-dos.

Time cheats &you don't realize it. But learning how to play guitar is a beautiful thing. I promise that self-tutoring is not as challenging as it seems!

The origin of excitement and fun comes mainly from a strong-built character and personality. Adventures can wait, first fix all that needs to be fixed inside! So it's your turn before summer ends. This calls for a cup of steamy cappuccino, colorful macaroons, &a nice read in hand!

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  1. That painting on your guitar is beautiful, what a lovely idea!