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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hotchkiss in Antartica

Watercolor portraits of my favourite dynamic duo

Brooke Nayden, Winter 2008
Cameron Foxgrover, Spring 2009

(Both have the original works)

I can't believe they both got to go on this trip. There was a lottery for 100 students and 16 faculty members for an all expense paid trip to Antartica accompanied by 100 scientists and Mr. Mars himself (the guy who makes snicker bars and m&ms, hence our very own blue & white "H" hotchkiss m&ms) nomnomnom.

"Mr. McKenzie is pleased to announce that once again Hotchkiss graduate and trustee, Forrest Mars ’49, has generously donated a trip to Antarctica for 85 students and 15 faculty members. Mr. Mars offered a similar trip six years ago when he led 50 intrepid individuals from the Hotchkiss community, 44 students and six teachers, to this remote part of the globe.The second Antarctica Expedition will take place in December 2008 and January 2009, and promises to be extraordinarily exciting. As Hotchkiss continues to emphasize the significance of environmental awareness among its students, this trip provides a compelling opportunity to explore one of the world’s most critically important ecosystems. It is the School’s sincere hope that this expedition be meaningful for the entire Hotchkiss community – both for those journeying to the southern reaches and those remaining on campus."

I didn't put myself in the lottery, so i didn't get to go. But these lucky two did.

i heart penguins

Brooke came to visit me about two months ago with her two friends over spring break. we had "hella" fun. It was so good to see her! After she dropped off her stuff and met my roommate, we found out that her boyfriend is my roomie's cousin. what a insanely small world!!

And guess who just moved to los altos, 10 minutes away from me? Foxy! 

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